Poetic Freestyle #1 (in English)

I can still remember when I where six years old and the world never appeared this cold
I once had a dream but it's all gone yeah it's dead and buried

And I can still remember my ninth birth day, my daddy threw me a masquerade
there where alot of people there, who where dressed up as my friends

Then came the day that we moved away, to a far and distant place
where I knew no one and no one knew me, my mom, my dad or the rest of my brand new family

One day i befriended a neighbouring boy, and he became my first new pal
then I stabbed him in the back so hard that he almost died

At last I turned seventeen and a girl said that she loved me
Out of fear I told her the same, but she never knew I was lying

When I look back at my old home town, I'm glad I moved when I had the chance
because all of my old friends are the cursed living dead
living not for life itself, but for something that they belive is them.