meeting of the minds (with daniel & victor)

daniel & victor met up with a couple of kids on their way back from rehearsals, they asked them what type of music they played, in which they answered:
daniel - "it's really slow and heavy"
victor - "kinda like black sabbath with the pitch turned way down"
the kids where totaly confounded and asked them:
the kids - "but how can it be slow AND heavy!?"

the conversation continued and the kids asked daniel & victor if they where planing on attending the Sabbaton/Helloween concert later this month.
daniel - "he said Sabbaton not Sabbath"
victor - "oh.... in that case fuck no"

the conversation ended with:
kids - "is there any way of purchasing your music?"
victor - "yeah check out Ominous Recordings in late august and you'll be able to buy some tapes"
kids - "what's tapes?"
daniel - "you know compact cassettes...."
kids - "?????"

then they asked v & d for their facebook names, when they heard that neither v or d had facebook accounts they looked at them as if they just had met Ed Gein and Ted Bundy and ran of.